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Sliding Gates

Sliding driveway gate products offer an efficient entry to your residential or commercial property. Revolutionary in safety and design

There are many situations where sliding gates are recommended. In a situation where the driveway or entrance has an upwards slope behind the gate, sliding gates are a better choice than swing gates. Other cases where a sliding gate is preferable include instances where yard space is at a premium or the contents need to be protected from any potential gate impact.

We can assist you in choosing the best sliding gate solution for your home or business

Sliding Gates would normally run back and forth on grooved or circular wheels along a level horizontal beam fitted with a channel. The motor drives the gate back and forth using a rack and pinion mechanism on the gate, powered by a cog at low level on the gate motor. This configuration however does require that the ground is relatively level and that a steel beam can be sunk into the ground the full length of the gate in both the open and closed positions.

Our gates are not 'off the shelf', they are designed and built in-house to suit your exact requirements. Your choice of span, height, infill, colour and accessories. Our experience and expertise will deliver this .As a design and build company, we aim to give the customer what he wants, when he wants it.

We provide several services at our company like: fabrication of various types of gates and fences, installation and repairing gates, and installing and repairing all types of gate motors and openers, regardless of who install it. 


Sliding Gate Manufacturing Material:

Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Timber Infill Panels
All types of Architectural Materials

Sliding Gate Finish:

Metal Red Oxide
Powder Coat over
Hot Dip Galvanize
Hot Dip Galvanized including Powder Coat
2-Pack Painted Finish

Sliding Gate Features:

Designed For Continuous And Frequent Use
High Security
Gate widths up to 40 meters
Trouble Free Operation

Sliding Gate Safety Devices Available:

Loop Detectors
Photo Electric Beams (PE Beams)
Safety Sensitive Edges
Microwave beams on larger spans
Flash Light

Sliding Gate Drive System:

Adjustable opening and closing speeds. Limit and/or proximity switches are used for position sensing
Manual release in the event of power failure
Control with purpose-built control board, or optional by a Programmable Logic Control board
High speed retracting ability

Sliding Gate Options:

Flashing light to notify gate operation
Battery Back up in the event of power failure
Integration with Access Control systems
Power Lock providing Ram Resistance
Full Range of Locking Mechanisms

Gate Automation Features:

No gates left open
Increased security with driveway gates operated from the safety of your vehicle
Increased privacy - no uninvited visitors
Greater convenience and improved quality of life
Safety devices as standard
Various control options
Variable closing time
Mains or battery backup option
Gates can be locked in open or closed position
Trouble free operations

Standard Sliding Gate

A sliding gate does not need the space that a swing gate requires to open. This leaves the full length of the driveway usable for parking vehicles and is useful where space is restricted. A closed sliding gate also offers better resistance to being forced than a pair of swing gates providing higher security and is the reason they are so often used on commercial properties.
Tracked sliding gates are a straightforward and economical way of installing sliding gates. A tracked sliding gate will consist of two main elements. Firstly embedded in the ground is a length of metal rail spanning the entrance. Then the gate that is guided along the track using wheels mounted along its base.

Telescopic Sliding Gate

Innovative new telescopic gates are perfect for anyone looking to save on space or simply doesn’t have the space required for a traditional sliding gate.
An ingenious idea that incorporates a sliding and concertina gates, ideal for spaces that are restricted or tight. To achieve the maximum clear opening where the backrun is very restricted, the telescopic gate is ideal. Telescopic tracked gates can be made with up to multiple sections, and can reduce the backrun required by 75 %, compared to a single leaf gate. Our special static drive system allows all the leaves to move simultaneously

Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever sliding gate systems do not require a ground track - this can be advantageous where the driveway entrance slopes, busy or heavy traffic entrances or where minimal disturbance to the driveway surface is requested.
The main design difference from a tracked system is that the cantilever system has a special section bottom rail in which incorporates two sets of enclosed roller wheels set apart at a pre- determined distance  to a large concrete foundation base.
The cantilever sliding gate is approx 1/3 longer than a tracked slider, the extra length acts as a counterbalance so that the gate is free to slide back and forth, supported throughout the entire opening/closing width by the roller wheels within the bottom rail.

We offer a wide range of sliding gate automation products to suit all applications from residential properties to large commercial sites.