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Rolling Shutters

We supply a range of quality  security roller shutters  to suit many applications including doors and windows . Furthermore, for our committed and experienced team, the implementation of special solutions is all in a day's work.

we can offer the choice of manual or electric operating systems to suit your needs.  Our roller shutter doors maintain a high level of security .These robust security solutions are economical and require minimum maintenance, delivering reliability and a long working life.

Our shutters are not 'off the shelf', they are designed and built in-house to suit your exact requirements. Your choice of span, height, infill, colour and accessories. Our experience and expertise will deliver this .As a design and build company, we aim to give the customer what he wants, when he wants it.

We provide several services at our company like: fabrication of various types of gates and fences, installation and repairing gates, and installing and repairing all types of gate motors and openers, regardless of who install it. 


Rolling Gate Manufacturing Material:

Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Galvanized Steel
Timber Infill Panels

Rolling Shutter Finish:

Metal Red Oxide
Powder Coat over
Hot Dip Galvanize
Hot Dip Galvanized including Powder Coat
2-Pack Painted Finish

Rolling Shutter Features:

Designed For Continuous And Frequent Use
High Security
Gate widths up to single leaf 8 meters
Trouble Free Operation

Rolling Shutter Safety Devices Available:

Photo Electric Beams (PE Beams)
Safety Sensitive Edges
Loop Detectors

Rolling Shutter Drive System:

Linear, Articulated Arm & In ground operators
Manual release in the event of power failure
All essential safety devices connect to gate operator
Control with purpose-built control board, or optional by a Programmable Logic Control board

Rolling Shutter Options:

Battery Back up in the event of power failure
Integration with Access Control systems
Power Lock providing Ram Resistance
Full Range of Locking Mechanisms
Operational Safety Through Power Limit
Innovative Tension Spring Assembly

Rolling Shutter Automation Features:

Increased personal security with driveway gates operated from the safety of your car
Increased privacy - no uninvited visitors
Greater convenience and improved quality of life
Safety devices as standard
Various control options
Variable closing time
Mains or battery backup option
Gates can be locked in open or closed position
Trouble free operations

Steel Shutter

1. Mild Steel
2. Galvanized Steel
3. Stainless Steel
We offer a wide range of steel shutters that provide a high level of security to the openings of any premises.
Steel shutters are used to help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and whatever entrances they may be protecting  When open, the shutters provide an almost unobstructed aperture as the shutter and mechanism store above the doorway and out of the way. Furthermore, the doors are tough and have a long life with little maintenance required. 

Aluminium Shutter

Our aluminium roller shutter doors are very popular amongst our customers and can be used in commercial and industrial situations. Strong, reliable, and delivering a lightweight protection solution, they are available to fit most apertures, and can be supplied in a finish to suit your needs.  
This product is available as a bespoke shutter to fit your building, or can be offered as a built in solution for new build properties. Typically supplied as a solid curtain, we can also offer the option of a punched or perforated shutter

Transparent Polycarbonate Shutter

Some environments call for shutters that combine a high level of security with transparency. Our transparent shutters are used in a wide range of situations including retail premises, banks, museums, exhibitions and galleries, where public access is unrestricted, and high value items must be protected.
Made of horizontal strips of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, these extremely robust shutters give crystal clear visibility when closed, providing transparency of 83%, and allowing through 92% of daylight. Because it is UV-stabilised, the shutter will not discolour or yellow, and will retain its exceptional clarity for many years.

Fire Rated Shutter

Fire shutters are usually used as part of an overall fire strategy in a building used in conjunction with other systems for controlling fire such as sprinklers and smoke extraction systems. All fire protection systems react to fire, heat and smoke in different ways in order to keep the building safe for occupants and emergency services in case of a fire. 
The role of the Fire shutter is to compartmentalize a building in order to help prevent the fire from spreading so rapidly allowing anybody inside to evacuate as safely as possible.
Fire-rated shutters can be controlled by a simple control panel, giving you absolute authority to manage any situation in line with your preferences. Designed to be used internally or externally, the shutters protect against radiant heat to an extremely high level

Perforated & Punched Roller

Our extensive range of perforated shutters serve as a great solution for retailers. Used in both the high street and shopping malls, our perforated Shutters allow closed premises to be secured, whilst allowing customers to see inside when the area is backlit. Security staff are able to see at a glance that the store is secure.
Shutter construction can be of steel or aluminium, and are available in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing finishes and colours. As well as retail sites, these shutters have been successfully installed in cinemas, universities, hospitals, libraries, colleges, schools, gyms and health centres. They can also have applications in industrial settings.

Garage Roller Shutter Door

Garage Roller Shutters are delighted to offer a large range of automatic and manually operated garage roller doors that not only look great, but deliver reliability and security too. This ever-popular option offers the luxury of access to the garage, from the comfort of your car.
All of our garage doors can be supplied in steel or aluminium, and in a wide range of finishes to suit all tastes. The security and weatherproof functions offer longevity and peace of mind.

Continental Style Window & Doorway Shutters

Our stylish continental shutters are ideal for use in domestic and residential properties, and equally suitable for commercial buildings and offices. Aesthetically pleasing and of lightweight construction, they also offer insulation against noise, cold and heat. 
Increasingly, our continental shutters are being chosen for use in prestigious homes and high end commercial environments. Whether you select the manual operation system – simple to use and lightweight for ease of action, or our electrically operated models which can be controlled via a wall mounted switch or key fob.

Security Shutter

Security shutters are used to help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and whatever entrances they may be protecting.
When open, the shutters provide an almost unobstructed aperture as the shutter and mechanism store above the doorway and out of the way. Furthermore, the doors are tough and have a long life with little maintenance required.

Shutter Van & Vehicle Shutters

We are able to provide custom made shutters for workmen, deliverymen, or anyone else that may need a shutter built inside their vehicle. 
The shutters are manufactured to order and a great deal of demands can be accommodated for.
Typically made from aluminium, these shutters are light and will keep fuel costs and drag down. 

We offer a wide range of sliding gate automation products to suit all applications from residential properties to large commercial sites.